Anglo-Nubian Goats

We raise Anglo-Nubian goats since Spring 2012. We acquired our first Anglo-Nubian goats from the Hoyers Herd in Germany, highly recommended! In early 2017 we imported additional animals from the famous Wayward and Monach herds in the United Kingdom.

The Anglo-Nubian goat breed was developed in Britain from imported African goats and local goats. Nubians are are large, short-haired and talkative goats with their characteristic roman profiles and wonderful long ears.  It is one of the tallest goat breeds.  Their milk characteristically has a high fat and protein content, therefore these goats are especially popular with cheese-makers. These goats are beloved worldwide for their great dairy characteristics and unique look.  While there are not many Nubian goats in Latvia, it is a widely popular breed in Europe and the most popular dairy goat breed in the USA.

All animals in our herd are 100% purebred, registered Anglo-Nubians. Our herd is in a monitored milk production program, and we use only purebred certified bucks in our breeding program.

This herd is free of Brucellosis and Caprine Arthritis-Encephalitis.

In late 2016. our herd acquired the "Classical Scrapie Controlled" status.